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DKP Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency & Low-Energy Building Design Consultancy

Are you......

  • Planning to build a 'low energy' or 'Passive House'?
  • Developing a site with 'energy efficiency' in mind?
  • Trying to meet (or better) Building Regulations, with a 'difficult' development or extension?
  • Looking to build a proper 'green' house?
  • Thinking about reducing your 'carbon footprint'?
  • Considering using renewable energy or 'low/zero carbon' technologies, but not sure how?
  • Aiming for Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 or above, but don't know where to turn?

We can help

Working alongside Architects, Developers and other building & construction professionals, DKP Energy Efficiency deliver ‘low energy’ and passive buildings through our iterative design and specification process. First we consider specific project constraints, such as site, occupier’s comfort, dwelling appearances, and cost/benefit, which we then input into modelling software in order to produce the most appropriate construction and fixed services detail specifications

DKP Energy Eficiency are different, we do not sell you anything, but our time and experience. We work with you to help you achieve your goals.   

‘Low-energy’ and ‘passive’ buildings are often designed as a convoluted and mis-matched combination of systems, technologies, services and materials. As independent consultants we cut through the ‘greenwash’ to find our clients the simplest and most cost-effective materials, technologies and solutions for their dwellings. ‘Fabric First’ is the best approach in our view; lower the predicted energy demands and then look to satisfy those demands in the most economical way. We can add in the cost of installation, and compare this to the savings payback.

Another way to save money is water conservation. If you can reduce your 'mains' water demand, you will save money, and help the environment. This does not mean skimping on washing, but using water in a different way, saving rainwater, diverting water from washing machines, etc. There are a multitude of ways you can save this precious resource, and we can show you the most suitable for your particular situation.

We can guide you through the maze of choosing the right heat and electricity source(s) for your property, how to reduce the demand for energy in your home. Whether you want to save money, save energy, or save the planet, DKP Energy Efficiency can give you the concise unbiased and well researched information & advice you need to make these important decisions.

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